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Another innovation from J&L Wire, a leader in wire decking, has created a galvanized internal structural pallet support that is integrated with the rack and our galvanized wire screens. This approach creates standard sized decking that can be utilized with most applications while becoming an integral part of the storage rack. The number of supports integrated with the screens determines its load capacity as with standard decks found in the market today. Typically, 3 or 4 integrated pallet supports are used with these screens to assure the required strength, but additional supports may be applied, as necessary. The front and back sections of the screens are bent downward to fit snuggly under the lip of the rack beam. The 14 GA internal supports complete the product.

The integrated internal support is used exclusively with J&L’s specialty screens. The length of the support is matched to the screen, with the internal support aligned to the wires interfacing with the rack beams. A hole in the end of the support allows a bolt to be placed through the rack beam, screen, and pallet support. Once tightened, the support and screen are held in place against the rack beam providing an integral platform for storage. This approach incorporates the benefits of both pallet supports and wire decking. J&L uses galvanized structural sheet steel for the supports. The higher yield strength in this material makes for a more rigid, and stronger platform. 

The Benefits


J&L Wire is known for providing the best quality service and support. We offer same day quotes for most projects and deliver your order within weeks. Our knowledgeable sales associates can help you establish the right decking for your application. J&L Wire has a network of stocking distributors throughout the United States and Canada. In most instances, product can be shipped directly from stock, reducing the time it takes for delivery.