STANDARD & CUSTOM Fabricated Wire Product Solutions

STANDARD & CUSTOM Fabricated Wire Product Solutions


GALVA-DECK® is a cost-effective galvanized wire mesh deck used with pallet racking. Each deck is reinforced with formed galvanized steel channels that are welded to the wire mesh.


Boss Hog Extra® is J&L’s answer to providing a long-lasting floor that will hold up against the harsh demands of the hog production industry. Environmental testing completed by an independent test lab has shown Boss Hog Extra® lasting over 15 times longer than our standard floor while exposed to an aggressive salt spray (ASTM B117) environment.


Our pre-straightened and cut wire is offered in both a bright and galvanized finish. Sizes range from .141” up to .312” in diameter and can be cut in lengths up to ten (10) feet. Depending on size, tensile ranges from 90,000 psi to 110,000 psi on the smaller sizes and 75,000 psi to 95,000 psi on the larger sizes. Be assured, our pre-straightened and cut wire will lie flat and straight.

Pallet Supports

J&L Wire, a leader in wire decking now provides pallet supports, an important accessory for most rack systems. How better to enhance the overall integrity and stability of a storage rack than by the addition of pallet supports. It is important to note that these accessories do not affect the load bearing capacities sited by the rack manufactures, but they do improve the overall rigidity of the rack system. The two basic types found today include the double flanged and top-hat style products.

Structural Mesh

J&L Wire has created a galvanized internal structural pallet support that is integrated with the rack and our galvanized wire screens. This approach creates standard sized decking that can be utilized with most applications while becoming an integral part of the storage rack. The number of supports integrated with the screens determines its load capacity as with standard decks found in the market today.