Pre-Straightened & Cut Wire Bright and Galvanzied Wire



At J&L, we provide our customers with a wide selection of products to help meet their needs. Our continual evaluation and testing of products is just one example of J&L’s commitment to providing the best quality and service available. All of our products are manufactured here in the United States assuring full control over our manufacturing processes. Our pre-straightened and cut wire is offered in both a bright and galvanized finish. Sizes range from .141” up to .312” in diameter and can be cut in lengths up to ten (10) feet. Depending on size, tensile ranges from 90,000 psi to 110,000 psi on the smaller sizes and 75,000 psi to 95,000 psi on the larger sizes. Be assured, our pre-straightened and cut wire will lie flat and straight. Our bright basic and galvanized wire is directly drawn in house from carbon rod to meet your specific diameter and tensile requirements. Sizes range from .141” to .375” in diameter and wire can be provided in either a bright basic or galvanized coated finish. All galvanized wire is cleaned and coated prior to being dipped in a molten bath of zinc. As with our pre-straightened and cut wire, tensile ranges vary with size, 90,000 psi to 110,000 psi on the smaller sizes and 70,000 psi to 90,000 psi on our larger sizes.


Pre-Straightened and Cut Wire – All wire is palletized and banded. Wire is wrapped in plastic to reduce exposure to the elements and to protect the product. If requested, pre-straightened and cut wire may also be shipped on carriers. Carrier weights can be tailored to your specific requirement. Bright Basic and Galvanized Coated Wire – Wire is coiled unto carriers and wrapped with plastic. Typical weights of a carrier would be 2000 lbs., but may be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Galvanized Wire

Bright Wire

Pre-Straightened and Cut Wire