Galvanized wire stops that are formed and bent to fit within the wire mesh pattern of the deck. They can be flush or offset mounted and locked into place by the channel supports. There is no additional hardware required. This option is particularly helpful when hand loading boxes, preventing them from falling into the aisle behind the pallet rack.


Galvanized wire dividers that are formed and bent to fit within the wire mesh pattern used by the deck. They are used when loading products from both sides of the rack and feature a flue area for water flow in case of fire.


Galvanized wire panels that fit within the wire mesh pattern used by the deck. They simply clip in place in seconds and create sections within your bays to help divide products on a single deck.


Similar to the clip divider, these dividers are designed to be made for either front to back or left to right applications. The design allows for quick and easy installation, and with the optional triple tiered wire construction, locks the divider into the deck below.


See our brochure on GALVA-STOP™, pallet rack backing safety systems. These light weight, vertically or horizontally mounted galvanized wire mesh panels attach directly to the rear of the rack with galvanized hardware. Panels may be flush mounted or offset 2, 4, or 6 inches from the back of the pallet rack to meet your requirements.


Galva-Stop™ uses galvanized wire clips (patent pending) to attach the backing onto the pallet rack. It is by far the fastest installation method for new warehouses. These clips are locked into place by the channel supports and designed to slide under the wire.

Check out our new GALVA-STOP™ rack backing safety system. It helps prevent pallets and other items from inadvertently falling into adjoining isles, promotes proper stacking, and contributes to the overall functionality of the workplace by promoting a neat and orderly appearance. Ask for our brochure today.

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