A galvanized, wire mesh panel that is placed at the rear of a wire deck. The galvanized wires used in Box-Stop™ have been formed to securely fit and lock into the wire decking used on warehouse storage racks. Simply lift up on the wire decking and slide Box-Stop™ down and under the channel supports. Box-Stop™ uses high strength galvanized coated wire for increased protection and durability, and is consistent with our other wire deck products.

Why Use Box-Stop™

Box-Stop™ was designed to help while hand loading boxes and other items onto a storage rack. They provide a backstop at the rear of a storage rack to reduce the inadvertent displacement of boxes and other inventoried items. Box-Stop™ not only helps to facilitate the placement of pieces on the deck to improve uniformity and neatness, but helps to enhance the overall appearance of the warehouse. There is no additional hardware required for installation. Box-Stop™ can be flush, or offset mounted (2”, 4”, or 6”), and locks into place by the channel supports used to support the decking. Give Box-Stop™ a try today by contacting one of our representatives at 866.777.8607 to discuss your specific requirements, or place an order.

For full coverage on the backside of a pallet rack, and for increased protection from falling inventory, check out our Galva-Stop™ pallet rack backing safety system. At J&L, we’ve got your back, so don’t delay, call one of our friendly sales representatives today and see how we can be of help to you.

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