Boss Hog Extra™ Woven Steel Wire Flooring
Woven Tough


J&L has been providing the hog production industry with Boss Hog™ woven steel wire flooring for over 40 years. During that time, we have listened to the requests of our customers and taken the opportunity to use our resources and current technology to search for ways to improve upon the existing product. The result is a new and improved product called Boss Hog Extra™. Boss Hog Extra™ is J&L’s answer to providing a long-lasting floor that will hold up against the harsh demands of the hog production industry. Environmental testing completed by an independent test lab has shown Boss Hog Extra™ lasting over 15 times longer than our standard floor while exposed to an aggressive salt spray (ASTM B117) environment. Results suggest not only will it outlast other wire woven floors, but found it to be comparable to other metallic floors that are post-coated for protection (check out our technical bulletin that discusses the testing and results). Boss Hog Extra™ comprises round steel wire that is drawn and then galvanized in house using our own proprietary coating method. At J&L, we oversee this operation to ensure full control over the production of the wire and coating process so that our customers receive only the best quality flooring available. Each and every floor is a product of the United States, designed and assembled with pride.


Our woven steel wire flooring uses our patented “double smooth” design. This patented design provides for excellent traction since skid-free footing means fewer injuries. In addition, our flooring does not contain ridges, laps, or sharp edges along its surface, an unwanted characteristic found in some competitor’s products. The open woven pattern of the steel wire permits the space necessary for the passage of waste making clean up effortless. Unlike polymer flooring where bacteria can become trapped within the surface of the polymer itself, a steel wire surface is less likely to trap these harmful bacteria. Flushing and cleaning of the woven wire is easy, and the flooring is designed to keep the sows and piglets dry reducing the spread of enteric diseases. J&L uses two sizes of steel wire to manufacture Boss Hog Extra™: a heavy 3-gauge, or a super-heavy 1/0-gauge zinc-coated steel wire. Call our friendly sales team at 866.777.8607 to place an order and benefit from the features Boss Hog Extra™ has to offer. Boss Hog Extra™ will be available May 2016.

Heavy 3 – gauge flooring

Double-Smooth Design Level surface for improved comfort

Super – Heavy 1/0 – gauge flooring