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An innovative development for the hog flooring industry is J&L’s newly designed and developed Boss Hog Extra® Self-Supported Floor1. The concept, to remove the necessity of purchasing additional frames and supports needed to secure the flooring and to reduce the costs associated with the additional time needed to assemble and procure the ancillary parts. In their place, J&L incorporates supports into the flooring. These supports are snapped into place using the woven wires comprising the floor. To further assure that the supports remain secured and in place, a locking mechanism is incorporated restricting the supports from movement and becoming displaced. 

Why Consider Our New Self-Supported Floor?

There are many reasons for choosing Boss-Hog Extra® Self-Supported Flooring over the competitor’s offerings. When considering the ease of installation alone, one can quickly grasp the potential savings in time and money, but there are many other advantages as well. Following are just a few items to consider before your next purchase. 

Our proprietary galvanized coating process found on Boss-Hog Extra® provides a coating that maintains better uniformity in thickness and overall consistency. This promotes a smoother wire surface for improved wear characteristics. The coating on wires that undergo the hot dipped method found in our competitor’s products will typically be found to be more inconsistent and rough affecting the durability of their product.

Boss-Hog Extra® woven wire flooring does not contain welds that can deteriorate and break after time. Each wire is continuous from start to finish as it is drawn through our loom and woven into the finished product.

The supports making up the self-supported flooring incorporates the necessary strength to assure that the surface stays level with no bows making it easier to obtain the proper fit when installing equipment.

Our floors are available in a variety of sizes, up to six (6) feet wide by twelve (12) feet long and come in either 5/16” or 3-gauge wire. Our larger sections offer a faster installation saving additional time and money.

Woven wire flooring is a practical solution for farrowing and nursery applications. Their ease of flushing and cleaning in addition to our double-smooth design makes them less likely to trap bacteria.

Will the floor supports provide the necessary strength?

J&L Wire has subjected our self-supported flooring to the American National Standard Institute’s (ANSI) standard MH26.2, entitled “Design, Testing and Utilization of Welded-Wire Rack Decking”. It was determined that this test would be helpful in providing the necessary information on the overall strength of the completed floor. Information about this test may be found in our Technical Bulletin titled, “Wire Mesh Decking, How are Working Loads Determined?”. The test procedure provides data concerning the overall deflection and eventual collapse of a deck subjected to load. 

Testing to ANSI MH26.2 revealed the following results:
0.30” floor deflection at 1,000 lbf
0.55” floor deflection at 2,000 lbf

It is our conclusion based on the results that our self-supported flooring will not only provide the necessary strength, but also fulfill our customers’ expectations


J&L Wire is known for providing the best quality service and support. We offer same day quotes for most projects and deliver your order within weeks. Our knowledgeable sales associates can help you establish the right decking for your application. J&L Wire has a network of stocking distributors throughout the United States and Canada. In most instances, product can be shipped directly from stock, reducing the time it takes for delivery.